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Looking for creative friends [03 Feb 2010|06:29pm]


Name: Becky
Pen name: Rebekah
Age: 27
Location: Lorain, Ohio
Writes about: Horror fiction: Occult, ghosts, witches, Tarot, Vampires and the number 13. . . and a little romance, but it's mostly realistic or dark romance
http://rebekah1213.livejournal.com/87631.html a blog: I posted about books for those who have writer's block.

I am looking for more friend who enjoy writing and are encouraging, because it is easy to get distracted and writing isn't always easy.


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The Science of Snowflakes [22 Dec 2009|10:24pm]

[ mood | full ]


Icons created from real images & illustrations of snowflakes.
*Click the "icon" tag to view all created.

❄ credit: theidolhands
❄ comments appreciated
no hotlinking
❄ icons aren't bases

Set I [100 icons]

Set II [50 icons]

[26 Nov 2009|03:22pm]


bitmap, vector & pixelate icons [10 Feb 2007|09:23pm]

we're trying to search LJ users, who is interested in icons for web, software etc.
if you the one, Welcome!
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[12 Oct 2006|05:26pm]

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Lost [07 Aug 2005|11:49pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I haven't really been online in a long time and well I basically forgot how to make my own lay outs, my journal has been pink and black for about two years now and im SICK of looking at it like this.. so I ask in favour if someone can PLEASE make me a really good lay out or if someone can help me and i'll give you credit and shit like that. Thank you.

- Sunshine

Get at me

yahoo - xkrayzexbytchx

MSN - x0xCyniCaL_Dreamx0x@msn.com

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In need of help :o( [17 Jan 2005|02:36pm]

[ mood | confused ]

RequestCollapse )

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[31 Oct 2004|09:50am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Im happy with my layout that way it is at the moment. I just need one thing. I want to know how i can put a picture above where it says "information" and such. Ive tried it but all that comes up is a red x with a box aroud it. I have the picture and phtobucket all set up i just need the code that puts the picture there. If anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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graphics [20 Sep 2004|11:01am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Can someone make me graphics of tears?? Could I also get Gwen Stefani graphics made?? What about Invader ZIM/Gir? Thanks, sorry if I'm too demanding


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when will you realize that it doesn't pay to be smarter then teachers, smarter then most boys [26 Jul 2004|02:10am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Anime/Video Game/General art icons.

There's no need to ask my permission, but PLEASE comment if you're taking. I'm more then happy to let you customize, or to customize icons for you, just comment and let me know.

Make with the clicking....Collapse )

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layout request [18 Jun 2004|11:46am]

[ mood | crushed ]

1. Journal Title: I Hate Everything About You
2. Background Color: black
3. Link Colors: gray
4. Font Colors: blue (light)
5. Font Type (i.e. arial, tahoma, etc) & Font Size: tahoma 12
6. Post Comment text (in other words-what you want it to say for the link that one would click on to post a comment): letting go
7. Comment Posted text (in other words-what you want it to say for the link that one would click on to read comments posted): feel like
8. Scroll bar Colors: black and light blue (same as font and background)
9. What type of border would you like for the entries (solid..dotted..none..etc) & what colors: solid in same blue as font
10. Background Image (must be already made and must be the URL to that image not the image itself): none
11. Header Image (must be already made and must be the URL to that image not the image itself): http://img78.photobucket.com/albums/v299/solost88/carolann.jpg
12. Image to go in between "Comment Links" (must be already made and must be the URL to that image not the image itself): none
Page Transitions: 
14. Cursors: 

15. Page Justifacation (I.E. left, center, right): center
16. E Mail Address:
 If anyone can help thanks it would be greatly appreciated, have a good one

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[19 May 2004|01:18pm]


could someone please make me a layout with this picture  in it



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Hi, new here. [19 May 2004|09:44am]

[ mood | creative ]

Hi, I'm joining here cause I wanna learn how to make layouts that way I can help other people with their layouts.

But first, I actually have a layout request for a friend of mine. So if anyone can make this for us, I'd really appreciate it.

Here's the request...Collapse )

and if anyone is willing to teach me how to make layouts, I'd be very appreciative. My AIM is in my userinfo, so if anyone is willing and has free time on their hands, that'd be awesome.

Thanks much.

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HELP ME! [23 Apr 2004|07:47pm]
i've had my livejournal for a few months now, and i still don't have a cool layout/icon/EVERYTHING!
i am looking for someone to help me with this, and i will provide pictures and everything.
please, just IM me or email me and let me know if you'd be willing to help!
AIM: obrebelchic06
EMAIL: ibelieve06203@hotmail.com

thanks ever so much!
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Request... [12 Apr 2004|12:30am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey everyone,

I don't want to post all the info here on the community because I think it'd be best if I chatted with someone on AIM or yahoo about what I would like for my journal (providing someone has the time to do so for me). Its going to be a military theme...and I have the pictures I want and what not...just need someone who may enjoy doing these types of things for a helpful hand and their wonderful expertise. I'd be happy to give full credit.

AIM: EverAfterTrance

Yahoo: tiffanyanneclarice

Mail: tiffanyanneclarice@yahoo.com

Thank you tons for your time :)

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new layout [08 Apr 2004|01:23am]

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[26 Mar 2004|01:30pm]

can anyone make me a New Found Glory icon?

&/or a new layout?

thanks <3
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My First Community on Livejournal [12 Mar 2004|02:44am]

[ mood | restless ]

My First Community on Livejournal

Making new Friends
Making icons
Requesting icons
Making layouts for free users,
Photographic photos
and everything you can think of!
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